Charity shopping: on trend furniture at great prices

As a girl who comes from a regular working-class family, I have always been brought up to look for bargains. I grew up going to car boot sales with my Nan, which she still attends every Sunday and bank holiday of the year. I spent ages in the aisles at the supermarket with my mum or dad making sure the best bargains were had!

When you’re young, being dragged around shops feels like torture. Waking up at 7:30am and going to car boot sales in the winter was not my idea of fun and I turned my nose up at musty smelling charity shops. It wasn’t until I went to uni that I really started to appreciate charity shops.

I went to UWE in Bristol and like in most cities, the charity shops were always rife with great brands. In my final year, I lived above a charity shop and around the corner from lots more in Henleaze and it was amazing! I worked throughout uni to afford my rent and my car, but when student loan came in I could never resist a walk down to the charity shops. I still have a lush brown winter coat from two years ago that cost me £5 and was in amazing condition.

More recently, I have been picking up a whole range of bargains from my local charity shops in Midsomer Norton and I am OBSESSED. I have a post coming soon looking at the pieces I’ve found – all amounting to under £15 in total, including a beautiful nude pink Miss Selfridge dress that was £4.50 brand new. So keep your eyes peeled…

As a charity shop convert and bargain searcher, I was super excited to hear that Sue Ryder have added a beautiful range of brand-new chairs to their furniture selection at great prices.

Having recently redesigned my room from horrendous pine furniture and a red theme to a modern rose gold, black and white theme, I have been on the lookout for extra finishing touches that I can add to my room such as a fold out desk, comfy chairs and some soft furnishings!

Sue Ryder have been working hard to keep up with the latest trends in homewares and their range of velvet chairs in soft pinks, greys and purples does not disappoint.

After browsing the selection, I found myself instantly drawn to their Velvet Oyster Chair in grey as it’s slim and stylish, perfect for trying to save space which is key for me as I have to fit a wardrobe and chest of drawers in my bedroom too.

When explaining the trends that inspired their stylish new range Sue Ryder have added “Grey really is the new black when it comes to making your home look effortlessly stylish. The simplicity of grey means that you can seamlessly combine new chairs with your existing furniture and colour palette. This is a colour which will help to uplift your room and is an easy way to make your space look fresh and modern”. Their online shop offers free delivery over £50, a 30-day money back guarantee and a dedicated Customer Services Team.

The chairs start from £39.99 for the vanity stool, to the comfy tub chairs costing slightly more at £99.99 and can be purchased from the Sue Ryder online shop.

The best thing about charity shopping is that you are giving money to organisations and people that really need the money. You don’t have to spend silly amounts on the high street or online to be stylish and have nice things, there are tons of beautiful new and second-hand items in charity shops just waiting to find a new home.

Do you love charity shops as much as I do or are you afraid to even step foot in one? Let me know below!




*all opinions in the blog post are my own and are genuine with no payment or influence from Sue Ryder.

2 thoughts on “Charity shopping: on trend furniture at great prices

  1. Kim says:

    I used to hate charity shops when I was younger too but I love them now. I enjoy a rummage through the aisles and we have so many dotted around my home town of Cirencester.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tilly Haines says:

      They are amazing! I keep finding loads of bargains and feel a little smug when people are shocked that I got a beautiful top for £1.50 haha


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